At the Warré shop we manufacture high quality Warré beehives & accessories from Premium Quality Canadian Red Cedar and Furniture grade pine (European Whitewood). That’s what we do and we do it very well.

The standard hive comprises two brood bodies, traditional Warré roof and a solid floor. Eight top bars are provided as standard in each brood box. To expand the hive you will require additional brood boxes. These are available separately or can be added up to a maximum of four at the order stage.

All of our products are built using the best quality materials and to a high standard. We only use stainless steel screws in the construction process. Nails or staples are never used.

As beekeepers we are passionate about the hives that we build. Our goal is to be the premium supplier of Warré beehives and accessories in the country.

For further details, and to register your interest please use the contact form.

Natural Swarm

A natural swarm is the best way to populate your new Warré Hive.

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