At the Warré shop we manufacture high quality Warré beehives & accessories from Western Red Cedar, that’s what we do and we do it very well.

You can choose from several options for your perfect Warré hive. Firstly the number of brood bodies, secondly floor type either solid or open mesh, and finally the type of roof, traditional Warré or clad with Aluminium or copper sheet. These options allow you to choose the perfect hive that suits your requirements.

All of our products are built using the best quality materials and to a high standard. We only use stainless steel screws and superior exterior grade wood glue in the construction process, nails or staples are never used.

As beekeepers we are passionate about the hives that we build. Our goal is to be the premium supplier of Warré hives and accessories in the country.

Our products are for the discerning beekeeper who desires the best, not only for his or her bees, but for themselves.

For further details and to register your interest, please use the contact form.

Thank you for visiting The Warré Shop, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Andrew Vidler

Owner and founder of thewarreshop.co.uk