As beekeepers we are passionate about the hives and accessories we produce for our customers. Our products are manufactured from premium quality western red cedar. Assembled using high quality wood glue and stainless steel screws. We do not use nails or staples anywhere in the construction process. This is extremely bad practice and frowned upon by woodworkers.

The Warré shop is owned and operated by its founder Andrew Vidler and located in the Wiltshire countryside. I started the business having seen some of the poor quality hives available online. They maybe cheap and fill a hole in the market , however they will be made from pine or even plywood. Another fault is the thickness of the chosen material, some I have seen are as thin as 19mm. The minimum thickness of our hive walls is 30mm.

Our hives are built for the discerning beekeeper who desires the best quality for his or herself. We are not in the business of selling mass produced products. Are hives and products are made to order with care and attention to detail and accuracy. Please allow four to six weeks for delivery from order.

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