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Our default Warré hive consists of two brood boxes, complete with eight conventional top bars in each box, plus hessian cover cloth. A traditional gabled roof, quilt box with hessian retainer and a solid floor. Using the drop down options menu, you can add additional brood boxes up to a maximum of four.

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Our Warré Shop hives are built using premium quality Canadian Western Red Cedar. Inferior woods such as plywood, are not used anywhere in the construction process. The main parts of the brood body are machined from a single plank of cedar. Some manufacturers will join two or more pieces together to obtain the correct depth of 210mm, not us.

The walls of the Warré hive are a minimum of 30mm thick, dependant on the machining process. Only the external face is planed, the internal surfaces are left rough sawn. The bees will propolise this surface as they would do in the wild.

Stainless steel screws, and high quality exterior grade wood glue, ensure that the finished brood body will maintain the correct dimensions and last for many years. as with many things in life, if you look after it, it will look after you. We recommend at least two coats of raw linseed oil, Tung oil or for the ultimate finish a coat of Treatex Cedar oil. You can do this yourself, or we can do it for you. You can select which of these optional extras you would like using the appropriate drop down menu.

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